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Model of Bruce The Mechanical Shark from the movie Jaws
  • Bruce The Mechanical Shark Resin Kit

    Das Rating beträgt 5.0 von fünf Sternen, basierend auf 6 Bewertungen.

    Our first JAWS kit features Bruce the Mechanical Shark as he appeared during the making of the 1975 classic by Steven Spielberg.  This highly-detailed replica measures 19.5 inches long by 9.5 inches high and consists of 22 parts.  You get the head...the tail...the whole damn thing.


    The kit is entirely 3D printed, but the parts are very thick - the larger parts have some real weight to them.  This feels very much like a cast kit.  The complete model weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. 


    The heavy 2-part base gives Bruce a stable platform in which to be mounted to.  The sculpted water is a solid chunk of resin!   The two clear acrylic rods (included) are used in conjunction with the crane to form a stable tripod.  


    Don't worry, it's not as complex as it looks.  We did our best to try and simplify the overall design and to minimize the total number of overall pieces.  A set of fully illustrated instructions will be included with each kit and should make assembly pretty straightforward.  


    We worked really hard to make this and we think it's the best kit we have ever produced.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy building and painting it! 


    We can't wait to see all of your builds - so please share your pics with us on Facebook or contact us here on the website.  

    • Lead Time

      Due to high demand, there is still a considerable lead-time for this product.  Orders placed today will have a lead time of 9 weeks.    (Updated 7/16/24)

    • Dimensions

      Length: 19.5 inches
      Height: 9.5 inches

    • Please Note:

      The photos in this listing reflect the very first test-fitting of the model. 

      Before the kits started shipping, I made adjustments to the tail and dorsal fin to make them more accurate.    

      I also decided to include a pectoral fin for Bruce's finished side (not shown).

      I'll be posting new pics soon.


    Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.
    Basierend auf 6 Bewertungen
    6 Bewertungen

    • David Leigh-Smith
      Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

      What can I say about this miniature? It is a quite brilliant reproduction of a movie icon. I’ve seen other ‘Bruce’ attempts and as a devotee of Jaws, none have achieved the screen accuracy of Stannarts beautifully rendered model.

      The quality of the materials is fantastic and the fact that the mechanical details can be enhanced is a real boon for a modeller.

      I can see how much time and effort has gone into recreating the ‘sense’ of Bruce - that’s something only an artist can capture.

      War das hilfreich?
      David Stann

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback, David. I really do appreciate this! Hope you enjoy building and painting him!

    • Les Walker