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Frankenstein's Lab as seen in the Universal Classic: 'Frankenstein 1931'.

The latest resin kit from StannArts is a 1/6 scale diorama featuring three of the most famous pieces created by Kenneth Strickfaden for the classic Karloff film. Dozens of still images and screen caps were carefully scrutinized to ensure each piece of equipment was reproduced as accurately as possible.

The 'Deluxe Kit' includes the all of the euipment plus the base and wall.  The base is large enough to accommodate the 3 pieces of equipment and up to two 1:6 scale figures (FIGURES NOT INCLUDED). Now, you can give your 1:6 Scale Frankenstein figure kits from Horizon or Billiken a proper home!


There are just over 40 parts, but assembly is not complicated. Detailed instructions are included with each kit.

Abstract Structure_edited.jpg

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