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Our new ‘Elsa’ resin kit is a tribute to Elsa Lanchester in her role as the Monster’s bride in ‘The Bride of Frankenstein.’


This is an all new ‘behind the scenes’ kit and was inspired by the classic stills of Elsa applying a feminine touch to Jack Pierce’s makeup work. This is our 3rd Universal Monster kit. Be sure to check out our Frankenstein's Lab kit and our Frankenstein's Monster / Boris Karloff bust.

There is very little clean-up or puttying required. She is cast in high-quality white urethane resin and comes in 4 primary parts (head, body and arms.) Her body, shipping crate and base have all been cast together to keep assembly to a minimum. Natural seam lines were used to minimize the need for putty when mating the pieces together. Her head fits snugly into the neck line of her gown. Her arms are keyed and separated below the shoulders where they follow the lines created by the bandages.

The kit also comes with separate pieces for her mirror, lip liner, and a badge for the front.

We sincerely hope you have fun with this kit and look forward to seeing what you do with her!

Abstract Structure_edited.jpg

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