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As with our Han Solo edition, the Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun kit contains approximately 40 separate parts: 26 of which are cast in bubble-free, off-white urethane resin - plus several additional, highly-detailed parts printed in a gray ABS-like resin.


Both editions share the same Tauntaun and base. The only difference is the rider.  Luke is cleanly cast in 3 parts for easy assembly and comes with following gear:

1. Lightsaber;
2. Radio transmitter for his cap;
3. Electrobinocular pouch & strap;

4. Wrist communicator;
5. Modified goggles (molded in clear resin);
6. Modified blaster;
7. Tauntaun horn with it's tip broken off;

If you enjoyed building and painting our Dewback resin kit – we think you’ll really enjoy this one!

Abstract Structure_edited.jpg

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